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Temple of Horus

Bring a piece of Egyptian history to life in a whole new way.

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Arc de Triomphe

Bring a piece of French history to life in your home.

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The Seven Rings - Part A

Build the monumental white city and rule over all with just one brick

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Notre Dame de Paris

Build the iconic monument of Paris at your home.

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The Seven Rings -part A

Freely inspired from Minas Tirith by The Lord Of The Rings, majestically erected on the edges of a mountain, stands as the last and most glorious bastion of hope and justice.
Stay tuned to discover the epic fate that awaits Part B.


Lego® Bricks

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Temple of Horus

Welcome to the Ancient Egypt World design by Stefano Mapelli. Discover this fantastic limited edition set and join us on our journey through ancient Egypt.


Lego® Bricks

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Notre-Dame de Paris

The absolute pinnacle of Gothic architecture replicated with LEGO® bricks. Light it from the inside to see the magnificent stained glass windows glow in the most splendid colors and join in on the immense adventure of building this masterpiece.


Lego® Bricks

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